To Infinity! And beyond

From time to time we want to try something new, break our normal workflow or just have a bit of fun with game development without the overhead of dozen of pages of GDD and a Trello board hanging over our heads. Maybe we want to test out a new game genre, or a game mechanic or just refine our workflow. And we do this is jam style!

Game jams are fun events, where a group of devs build a game usually during a weekend. We participate in some big Game Jam events as well (like Global Game Jam), but sometimes we just have a spare weekend and make a jam of our own. It’s a weekend packed with intensity, cooperation, quick decisions, some fighting and bickering and loads of chocolate (especially for our CEO) resulting in a game that is playable. It’s also fun to see our progress in such a short period of time, since we usually take some screen recordings of the game at different days for social media laughs.

A few weeks back, we made our way to the office again on Friday evening as others were ready to leave home, to make an infinite runner game as a home jam game. We knew that is was going to be an infinite runner, since we wanted to test game mechanics related to the genre, but everything else was still a bit up in the air. Actually at first we were thinking of making a 2D runner, but couldn’t really agree on the obstacle mechanics. Then as our lead designer went through some assets that he had in his library he suggested that we make a 3D game with Curved World. The visual appeal got to us and after a short brainstorming we got a solid enough idea to go with. As we did with our previous jam game (the Memory Game), we branded the game around our own company logo, so it is the binarymonster running along a cosmic road.

After the first day we had the basic things done: character jumping from floor to ceiling (a runner idea blatantly copied from our previous game Fuzzy Runners) and the track spiralling out to the horizon. During the next few days we refined the graphics, added a new type of obstacle and worked on the UI. By sunday evening, we had a game that actually looked pretty cool!

Of course it is hard to just let a game be, so in the last few weeks we’ve been adding some bits and pieces, testing the game for bugs and trying to build it. Originally we meant the game to be just a WebGL game on our own site, but since the mechanics allowed it, we also tried a mobile build. At a local IGDA event we let the first people playtest it and actually it was our most played game during the evening!

So stay tuned when our newest game Infinity is available to you!