As you might have noticed, we’ve changed our name from Aioni to Vainary. It was not an easy change for us and truth be told, not really wanted it either. But unfortunately, we were forced into it. You see, when we formed our team and chose Aioni for its name, we didn’t notice that the name had already been registered in Finland for another company. Due to Finnish regulations, we could not get a formal company name Aioni, or even Aioni Games for ourselves so we had to fall back on a whole new name.

The change is a bit hard, since we are currently very busy developing our newest game: Anxiety of Alina and we would not like nothing more than to put all our time, efforts and resources into that game, instead of rebranding. This is why you might still see Aioni things around during the migrating phase. Please bear with us! We are working hard to get things organized again as soon as possible.

So what is Vainary anyway, you might ask? It’s a really silly pun, actually 🙂 When you think of how you’d pronounce “binary” in Japanese, it will sound very similar to “vainary”. Our CEO really likes Japan and the Japanese language and apparently, binary code. You might see a hint of this binary connection in our new logo 😉

Anyway, we hope that soon we’ll get used to calling our company Vainary and then we can again just focus on making our games!