Getting Emojinal

So last weekend was Global Game Jam 2020, yey!! ^-^ It was a reunion with our former lead programmer Sampsa who was drawn back to game development for the weekend. :3

Oh, if you getting why-are-there-so-many-emojis-in-this-blogpost thoughts, it’s because the game we made is all about emojis! 😀 Theme this year was ‘Repair’, and branstorming around that and taking inspiration from this year’s diversifiers we came up with this concept: you are a therapist repairing your patients minds/issues, but all text is in emoji-language. The patients will describe their problems in emojis, and you’ll have a few emoji-responses to choose from. O.O You’ll have to put your emoji interpretation skills to the test to really decrypt what is going on! XD

Patient telling about their problem

You’ll get a score – in thumbs-ups of course! B) – after each session and you can always call the patient in again if you didn’t reach that coveted highest score. There are a total of six patients, with a unique issues and personalities.

a so-so score of three thumbs-ups

Watch the gameplay video below and if it piqued your curiosity, head over to our page to download the game and try it out yourself! ^-^