We believe in games that you can just pick up and play, but where there is something new around every corner.


Back in 2017 a kickass programmer, an ‘I can draw whatever you want’-artist and an overly confident game producer met at a university in Turku where they were all studying Game Technology. A few game projects later we became truly a team, developing our first published mobile game: Fuzzy Runners.

In 2019 we took the next step and started our company Vainary, which is a pun on word ‘binary’. We moved to Turku Game Hub (the Hive) and into our first office which was surely needed after expanding our team with new talents. After that we could really kick off our development processes for both our line of entertainment games and for customer work.

Sade Sirén

Co-Founder, CEO

A hackathon-winning producer and the mastermind behind the team who keeps the chaos organized.

Is often correcting people on how to say her name in Finnish: “Se taivutetaan ‘Sade’, ‘Saden’, ‘Sadelle’…”

Responsible for: keeping things in schedule, writing fancy words

Joonas Törmänen

Co-Founder, Creative Director

An artist who can turn our wildest ideas into reality, anything from simple 2D illustrations to more complex 3D models.

So good at delegating that he got the CEO to write this for him.

Responsible for: creating 2D/3D art, nitpicking over details

Matti Mänty

Matti Mänty

Lead Designer

A jack-of-all-trades masquerading as a simple game designer and artist.

Stays thin because forgets to eat or drink when creating stuff.

Responsible for: all the things still left undone


Looking for something that could captivate your customers, increase the motivation of employees, or just bring something new to the table to gain that edge over your competitors? We can work with you to find a solution to meet your goals. Here are just some examples:

Employee training: Although important and usually quite mandatory, it is often seen as tedious or even boring. Bored employees don’t really focus on what they really should be learning, whether it is to increase their performance or to comply to company values. We can help you with that! Most forms of employee training can be gamified, where the training process is made interesting and even fun, resulting in increased motivation and better results overall. Our team has experience on making realistic and professional educational games for customer service training, and the same theme can be expanded to most other fields of business.

Brand-exposure through games: Posters are still images. Video ads are moving. But with games, the customer can get hands-on with your product! Even a casual game, where your customer gets to connect your product with your brand values has a much more lasting impact than something they just passively observe. We can design and produce a game that meets your needs, whether it is a game for your website, in your mobile application or an interactive advertisement.

If you got interested, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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